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Mike M Phoenix Arizona

We needed our locks changed at the office and Power Locksmiths arrived within 15 minutes! The technician did a great job of replacing the locks and made sure that everything worked right before he left. Highly recommend this company.

Susan L Scottsdale Arizona

Very impressed by how quickly they arrived and got the job done. It only took about 3 minutes for the technician to open my car door after I left my keys in there. I got to work on time, no hassles! Great prices too.

Mary R Tempe Arizona

We needed a locksmith to unlock our pool gates after losing our main gate key. The technician arrived quickly and opened the gate within minutes. Would recommend them to friends and neighbors, great customer service.

Colleen B Glendale Arizona

We’ve been using Phoenix Locksmiths for years because they are so dependable. Always had great customer service and the technicians know what they’re doing. They get the job done quickly and have always given us the best rates. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good locksmith.

Scott P Phoenix Arizona

Great to work with and always get here on time! We use them for our commercial real estate buildings and new building projects. Reliable and professional, always had a great experience.

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